About the Campus

Home to familiar aquatic-life and vintage German architecture, The International University of Management Swakopmund Campus is situated at the center of all major businesses in town. The Campus was established in 2005 with five Academic Staff and 120 students. The University’s mission is to contribute to the Swakopmund society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. Its major focus being the tourisms industry that is ever growing into new heights, the students are exposed to first hand experiences of the industry.

Other faculties of studies include Business Administration, Human Resource Development and Management, Marketing, Finance, and Information Technology which has been blended perfectly with business practices to allow an inevitable merger. Three phases of the International Computer Drivers License (ICDL) are awarded at the end of a comprehensive training schedule.

The University provides English language upgrading courses to first year undergraduate and certificate students. The upgrading course forms part of a number of short courses introduced by the Center for Improved Institutional Performance (CIIP), which are outlined meticulously in the prospectus.

The campus has free Wi-Fi available to all staff and students, and also free for guests who visit the campus for inquiries.